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Radio electricity

. Résistances and their associations.
2.Ohm's law.
3 Ohm's law using.
4.Divider tensions bridge.
5.Wheastone bridge.
6.Capacitors and their associations
7.Coils and transformaters.
8.Low pass, high pass and band pass filters ( RL, RC and LC circuits)
9. The band pass filter: sélectivity and factor of form.
10. The RLC circuit.
11. The wave length, amplification, the decibel.
12. The transistor. The diods.
13. The opérationnal amplificator (AOP)
14. The amplification classes.
15. The linear amplificators . The distorsions.
16. The quadratique distorsion.
17. SWR and VSWR .
18. The passing band.
19. Tne transmission lines.
20. The tabular of receivers.
21. Galvanometer, ammeter , voltmeter and ohmmeter.
22. The amplitud modulation (AM).
22. The mixers.

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